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& Map Design

Cartography & Map Design

We take great pride in every single map we design. It is imperative that every one we create transmits information effectively to the end user. Each map must create a visual balance, with all elements working cohesively as a whole. 

We have the ability to pull your data directly through the AcrGIS platform or via KML files into our design platform. This process ensures that your alignments, trails and points of interest are correct and accurate. 

We have worked on a variety of mapping projects. During the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, we were responsible for delivering over 1,600 maps for the planning, operations and community communications of this major event. 

We specialise in


Maps & Signage

Virtual Tours


The Geo Studio will transform your information and data to clear and well presented maps. We ensure your information is mapped accurately, with all hazards and critical junctions plotted out.


All maps are customised to your branding and style, while ensuring the information is easy to read and understand. 

Virtual Tours

Creating a Virtual Tour for your business allows your customers to experience your services, your property or your culture without leaving their homes. This is particularly important if your potential customers are not local to your business.

Tourism and the accommodation industry is a great example of how this service can work to allow customers to get a taste of what your business is all about.

Virtual Tour
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