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Capability Statements

Capability Statements

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Capability Statements are an informative brochure that presents a company's services, competencies, achievements, partners and accomplishments, to potential clients.


A well designed capability statement will provide a better understanding of your business and its services, and help your potential client make the right choice to engage the correct supplier. Capability Statements can also be included in a tender submission as a supporting document.


The key topics to include in your capability statement are:

  • Intro / summary of your business

  • Services

  • Key personnel or staffing structure*

  • Inventory of key equipment*

  • Previous and current clients

  • Case studies

  • Contact details


* (optional and not suitable for all businesses)

Make sure you document is visually interesting. A boring Word document with Clipart is not good enough. If your budget allows, include an infographic with key stats that set your business apart from your competition.


If you havent already, engage a photographer to come in-house or onsite to get some professional imagery of your business in action. You can use these for your website and social media platforms as well.



4 Pager

$499 +gst

Ideal for small businesses that just need the basics. Price is for full document design using your approved content.


6 Pager

$699 +gst

Ideal for medium size businesses. Price includes a custom infographic to show key business information. 



Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Extra services available: Copywriting, Photographer (sourced from your local area), custom infographic design, custom illustration. Price on application.

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